As I Grew Older By Langston Hughes It was a long time ago.I have almost forgotten my dream.But it was there then,In front of me,Bright like a sun—My dream.And then the wall rose,Rose slowly,Slowly,Between me and my dream.Rose until it touched the sky—The wall.Shadow.I am black.I lie down in the […]

Memphis is recognized for some Black Girl Magic!

Shelby County Tennessee, which includes the city of Memphis has reason to be proud this week!  MSNBC news  spotlighted some serious “Black Girl Magic” on the All In With Chris Hayes program.  MSNBC highlighted that there were twenty African American women elected to political offices (local and statewide) in the county during the […]

Extra, Extra, “Eat”, all about it!

    Chef Marcus Samuelsson has teamed up with PBS to bring the public a new series titled, No Passport Required.  Chef Samuelsson will visit six cities in the United States taking viewers on a global culinary journey where we do not have to take flight.  The six cities expected […]

College students stand-off on I-40.

These pictures represent college students in Memphis, Tennessee demonstrating a standard of humanity during a climate of frustration in society.  This group protested on a bridge and I-40, a major interstate in the United States.  The protest was held days after Alton Sterling (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and Philando Castile (St. […]

Movie // Always for Pleasure (1978)

Always for Pleasure (1978)  Always for Pleasure a Documentary by Les Blank details the Annual Mardi Gras in New Orleans in a positive visual depiction of the Artistic showcase. The Film was very soulful and told a story through the eyes of the people of New Orleans. IMDb Link